Journey to Living Bethlehem, Livermore


There will be no Living Bethlehem presentation in 2015 because we need a new location. We hope to have a new location for 2016 and we look forward to resuming our presentations. 


Thank you for your support.

Step back in time and enter the village of Bethlehem - alive with merchants and artisans demonstrating crafts from over 2000 years ago to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Witness Mary riding on a donkey, led by Joseph, as they enter the town square to be registered for the census andCamel find a place to stay. Meanwhile Magi sing and dance  when, from the rooftop, the Angel Gabriel appears before the Shepherds and announce the arrival of the new-born son of God. As Balthazar rides atop a live camel they all proceed to the stable for the finale where everyone rejoices in our Lord's birth.

This interactive, live theatre production, 3 years in the making is presented by over 200 actors, crew and volunteers from many parishes within our community. Give your family, friends, and yourself - the most precious gift - witness a living recreation of the Nativity and experience the true meaning and spirit of Christmas!

Free for the entire family!